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Music has always been integral part of my life.  I grew up listening to all different types of music.  I asked to take classical piano lessons at age 6  and continued lessons till around 13.  I picked up sax at 11 to try something different.  At 13, I picked up a guitar and found my instrument. 


In the mid 80's I saw an article in the local paper that Stan "Doc" Penridge had moved into the area and was giving guitar lessons.  Being a huge Kiss fan since the mid 70's, I had to take lessons from him.  Stan would sometimes play at a local bar and he would let me sit in and, for me, that was incredible experience. 


In 87 I picked up double bass and played for a volunteer opera company.  In 88 I moved to Hollywood, ca and went to Musician's Institute.  In Hollywood, I met Rocco Panetta and Les Bloome, who both played on the album.  It took until 2017 for us to finally work on a project together. 


In the mid 90's I started playing in cover bands in Northern New Jersey and did so, off and on, through June 2017.  In May 2017, Rocco, Les and I started recording the album and here we are,....

Alan Portraits _ Kasey Ivan Photography-
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